Why this Association?

S. Mohinder Singh 'Parwana' | Patron

"United we stand and divided we fall" thus goes the saying which has proved itself fruitful more than once in the past surely shall prove so in the time to come. The saying has wide perspective in all walks of life and with all classes of people. Pensioner is no exception.

Pensioners in Hoshiarpur city ― though small in number at that time in 1996 ― felt the need of a body who could give an ear to the problems of pensioners which were so many then. At that time, pensioners were drawing pension from treasuries which was not an easy job especially for lady and family pensioners. First they were required to get their vouchers passed from treasury and then presented in the bank to receive payment. The scene at both the places used to be simply deplorable. Illiterate pensioners were the most sufferers.

About 40-50 pensioners gathered in Udham Singh Park, Hoshiarpur to discuss the problems. Keeping in mind the above saying an idea was mooted to form a body of Pensioners. Hence, this association baptized as "Punjab Pensioners Welfare Association", Hoshiarpur. This was the birth of the association and S. Mohinder Singh Parwana, S. Sewa Singh Rehal and Mr. Baldev Raj Sharma were nominated Founder President, General Secretary and Finance Secretary respectively. Aims and objects of the body were discussed and welfare of the pensioners was considered to be the main aim. At that time association has no office no finance and no membership. Only incumbents present there became members. Amount of Rs. 30/- (Thirty) per head was collected from them as annual membership to start the work.

As time passed the body, with the cooperation of pensioners, started its journey from toddler stage to youth and vigour. "Log saath aate gaye aur karvaan banta gaya (लोग साथ आते गये और कारवां बनता गया)". Pensioners started coming in its fold and at present it has become a caravan of about five thousand pensioners. In the meantime the body was got registered with the Registrar of Societies under the name "Punjab Pensioners Welfare Association (Regd.), Distt. Hoshiarpur". Constitution of the body is in place and is followed in letter and spirit. Association has extended its operational field and its sub-units at Dauya, Garhshankar, Mukerian are working with zeal and true spirit. District body is getting full co-operation from sub-units. It has now a full-fledged decorated office at Room No. 19, Ground Floor, Mini Secretariat, Hoshiarpur with Contact No. +91-1882-244693. The then Deputy Commissioner S. Kirandeep Singh Bhullar (IAS) granted an amount of Rs. 25,000/- to the Association and with that amount the infrastructure was established in the office.

Every pensioner, who has faith in its constitution, can become its member for life with onetime payment of Rs. 100/- (One Hundred) only. The office works for 2-3 hours on all working days and extends every sort of guidance and help to the pensioners free of cost.

In 2003, the Government made it mandatory for the pensioners to obtain their pensions directly through nine designated banks and their branches. Roll of treasuries was eliminated. As the number of pensioners increased, the problems with the banks went on increasing. These were aggravated when the banks created Centralized Pension Processing Centers for Pension purpose, mostly out of State. Such is the policy of the Government and the roll of Pension Paying Bank branches that problems are getting acute and multiplied day by day. We can say that the problems have surpassed the number of Pensioners. The Association is fully aware of these and promises to keep trying to mitigate the sufferings of pensioners.

At present, Association is working with Sh. Kulwaran Singh, Sh. Kirpal Sinhg and Sh. Nirmal Singh Saini at helm of affairs as President, General Secretary and Finance Secretary respectively with the co-operation of the Executive.

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